Where To Put Tv In The Living Room With Fireplace

Where To Put Tv In The Living Room With Fireplace

Where To Put Tv In The Living Room With Fireplace. A fireplace is a great addition to any living room. It’s not just for chilly winter evenings. A fireplace can be a focal point that draws your eye and helps you relax. But it can also come with its challenges. For instance, where do you put the TV? With so many things vying for attention, it’s hard to create a balanced space with everything you need in one place. We’ve got some advice on how to make your living room feel like home by figuring out the perfect spot for your TV and other electronics.

The Fireplace

You may have considered placing your TV across from the fireplace, but there are some benefits to placing it elsewhere. For example, if you put your TV on the opposite side of the room as your fireplace, you’ll create balance in the space and make it feel cozier.

If you want to see both whiles sitting on your sofa and want to watch TV while someone else reads, place your TV either above or below the fireplace. If you want to see the TV while someone is writing or working at the desk, try a corner of the room. And if you want to send people mixed messages about what they should do here, put your TV in front of a window overlooking another home so they’ll feel like they’re intruding!

Consider the Height of your Fireplace

Consider the Height of your Fireplace

The height of your fireplace will determine where you place your TV. If your fireplace is taller than the TV, you’ll need a TV stand to compensate for the height difference. If your TV is taller than the fireplace, you’ll need a low-profile fireplace screen. Low-profile fireplace screens are designed to sit just below the level of the top of your TV and extend out in front of it. This way, when you watch television from across the room, it still feels like you have a nice view of the fire in front of you.

Finding a Spot for your TV

Finding a Spot for your TV

In the living room, there’s often a debate about what goes where. One thing that needs to be at the center of attention is the TV. We recommend having your TV set up so it’s in front of your fireplace on the other side of a coffee table. If you want to go for more balance between your TV and the fireplace, add a second stand with another television at an angle on the other side of the coffee table.

If you have a smaller area than others, you can use two televisions to create balance by placing one on either side of your fireplace. This way, it creates a balance between entertainment electronics and your focal point – which is your fireplace.

Finding a Spot for Other Electronics

It’s easy to get caught up in the fireplace and forget about everything else. But there are still other things you might need within arm’s reach: your laptop, a drink, or even some food. You want to be able to quickly access these items without having to leave the cozy warmth of the fireplace.

One great solution is to place a small table near the fireplace where you can set these items down. Find a spot for your TV that doesn’t compete with the fireplace but is still in sight. Maybe one of the nicest places is across from it on a wall-mounted TV console or built-in shelving unit. If you have space and budget for it, try one of those gorgeous stone fireplaces that may have an entertainment center built in – they can hold your electronics while adding elegance and style!

What Can You Do With a Corner Fireplace?

A corner fireplace is perfect for gathering with friends and family. If you want to make the most of your living room, you’ll want to put your TV in this area. If there’s no space for an actual TV, a TV tray should do the trick. It can be used for watching movies or as a secondary television when guests come over. Corner fireplaces work well if you’re short on space because they’re designed to fit into corners. The best placement for the TV depends on what you’re watching it for and how often you use the space in front of it. If it’s mostly used for movie nights and other social events, then it could go nicely near the seating area.

How to Furnish Around a Corner Fireplace

How to Furnish Around a Corner Fireplace

It’s important to think about furniture placement as you’re designing your room. You can place a TV around a corner fireplace by adding furniture that makes the space seem larger. For instance, if there’s not enough room for a coffee table near the fireplace, place one on the other side of the living room. This will make it seem like there is more distance between the two pieces of furniture and create more space when you walk through.

If you have any seating in front of the fireplace, put it on either side of the fireplace so that when people are sitting they’ll be facing it and still get a good view of what’s happening in front of them.

You can also create an entertainment center by placing cabinets in front of the fireplace with plenty of storage for all types of media equipment, DVDs, cable boxes, and gaming consoles.

This way, your TV or other electronics will be at one end and everything else will be at another end which will make for a tidier design without clutter.

Consider the Size of Your Fireplace

Consider the Size of Your Fireplace

It’s important to take the size of your fireplace into consideration before you decide where to put your TV. A large fireplace might have space for a flat-screen TV mounted on the wall, but not everyone has this luxury. If you don’t have anywhere in your living room to mount a TV, then make sure you get something that fits right on the fireplace mantel.

Think About What’s Next to the Fireplace

Think About What’s Next to the Fireplace

You want the TV to be in a place that complements the fireplace. If the TV is too close, it will create an awkward visual space. If you place it too far away, guests may feel like they’re watching TV from across the room.

To help you figure out where to put your TV based on your fireplace, consider these guidelines:

There’s a mantel on top of the fireplace or if the mantel is sitting next to it, think about placing your TV on top of it or somewhere near the mantel so that it can be seen easily. There’s no mantel, think about crafting one yourself for this purpose.

Don’t block pathways in front of and behind your fireplace (especially if you need to access these pathways). This can lead to safety hazards and won’t be aesthetically pleasing either.

Fireplace with Electronics on One Side

Start by placing your TV in front of the fireplace. Then, place your electronics on the other side of the fireplace. Even if you have a small fireplace, you can use it as a focal point for your living room by showcasing your TV and electronics on each side of it. This way, you’ll have everything you need to enjoy some downtime right in one spot. You can even add a coffee table between them to create an entertainment center.


There are many considerations to take into account when determining the best place to put your TV in the living room with a fireplace. The height of your fireplace is especially important. If your fireplace is taller than the TV, you will want to take note of the height of your ceiling and make sure that the TV is not too wide for the space.

You will also want to consider where you will put other electronics in the room, such as a sound system or a gaming system. If you have a corner fireplace, there are many design considerations you will have to make. You will have to decide what type of furniture to put in the space, as well as decide if you want your TV on one side of the fireplace or both. You will also need to make sure that you have enough room on either side of the fireplace.

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